2024 BOP Junior Rep Squads Announcement!

8 Apr

Thank you everyone who attended the BOP Junior Trials on Sunday, 24th March.

 Apologies for the delay in sending out this notification - sickness and the Easter break delayed us significantly.

Under 13's:
We had lots of boys trial, but unfortunately we currently only have 1 girl. We need at least 2 more girls to be able to enter a Under 13 team. At this stage we are unable to name a team but we will be actively looking for more girls over the next month. We will be in contact with U13 players regarding trainings going forward.

Under 15's:

We had a great turnout for this age-group! We will be entered 3 x Under 15 teams!At this stage we will be naming a squad and after a few week of trainings, we will put people into their teams. (This will give the coaches more opportunity to work out strengths and potential combinations).
The squad is:

Boys: Caleb Lim, Nathan McCardle, Te Raukura Herewini-Graham, Will Dippie, Arthur Bell, Maxwell Martin, Asher Cao, Reon Blommerde, Rohan Praveen, Sven Van Der Wagt, Aidan Antony, Yuming Zhao, Kupai Jones, Vincent Le, Skyler Franz-Kwan, Alvin Biju & Lochlan Holding.
Girls: Meiji Punyanut, Olivia Shefferd, Season Gurung, Kitana TeKowhai, Lillian Puomako, Nadia Wu, Helena An, Tiku Codlin, Kare Codlin, Hannah Jomis, Ataarau Hall, Payton Grewe, Jayde Phillips, Halo Warena-Thompson, Ann Joseph & Che Cardia Taoho.

Under 17's:

Again we had a good turnout for this age-group and we will be entering 2 x Under 17 teams!We are also naming a squad and will announce final teams after a few weeks of trainings.

Boys: Ansen Bee, Priyash Gurung, Robert Hermano, Sagar Dhakal, Samuel Makara-Fang, Alan Antony, Mansimar Singh, Alex Bayliss, Mickey Wu & Eli Murchie.
Girls: Ellizah Olimpo, Mackenzie Reid, Eve Maniapoto, Lor Majestral, Anji Pillay, Zeta Ronquillo, Lily Hayward, Maggie Kwok, Tara Akurangi & Joanne Park.

Under 19's:

We had a good number of boys trial, slightly less girls. We would like to enter 3 x Under 19 teams but need to find another 1-2 girls. We will be actively looking for extra girls!At this stage, we will name a squad and announce teams in due course.

Boys: Audric Tibus, Taurian McConnochie, Gaurang Yadav, Vi , Charles Nacar, Xavier Reid, Lachlan Shefferd, Luca Ririnui, Cole Kettelwell & Morgan Xiao.
Girls: Ayaka Tominaga, Gemma Peake, Prachi Patel, Fuwa Gao, Jin Lee, Emily Dippie & Catelyn Santos.

Squad Contact List / Trainings:

A spreadsheet will be sent out to everyone listing contact details and trainings dates.

There will be weekly squad trainings as follows:

Tuesdays: Rotorua Badminton Hall. U13's & U15's from 4pm to 5.30pm. U17's & U19's from 5.30pm to 7pm

Wednesdays: Awakeri Events Centre : All age groups from 5.30pm to 7pm.

Thursdays: Tauranga Boys College Gym: U13's & U15's from 6pm to 7.30pm. U17's & U19's from 7.30pm to 9pm.

Sunday Trainings:

There will be Sunday trainings - mostly in Tauranga and a few in Rotorua for the 9 weeks leading to the Palmerston North Nationals trip. Dates and times will be included on the Contacts Spreadsheet.We would encourage parents to liaise with each other regarding transport and arrange car-pooling for practices.

We will be setting up a 'whats app' group for each squad/team - this will help with ease of communication going forward. We will add both parents and player mobile contacts to these groups. (Understand U13s may not have mobiles so will be parents contacts).

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Delwyn Cooper

Community Development GM



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