We have both Yonex Shuttles and Code Alpha Shuttles in stock

Yonex Shuttles available:                                               Code Alpha Shuttles available:

Yonex AS30's $56.50                                                        Code Alpha Black Tourney # 1's $40.00

Yonex AS20's $51.50                                                        Code Alpha Red L-05 $ 32.00

Yonex ACL30's $45.50                                                      

Yonex AS10's $42.50

(Prices correct as at 20 January 2024 - but may be subject to change)

You can also buy Yonex rackets to order.

Contact Delwyn to purchase Shuttles or Racquets via email or phone 027-212-4720.


Need your racquet restrung? 
Gary Cooper is available for racquet stringing and re-stringing (Badminton & Tennis racquets).  He is based in Bethlehem, Tauranga.

He can cater for individual requests for strings and different tensions.$35 per racquet for BG65, BG65 ti & BG66 Ultimax Strings or $40 per racket for BG80 or Aerobite String.

For quick and efficient service, call or text Gary direct on mobile: 027-552-4153 

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